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How to Measure for a Storm Door

If you are looking to add a storm door to your home, finding the proper door size is one of the main things you need to research before making your purchase. Not all storm doors are standard, so properly measuring will allow you to find the storm door that is the perfect fit for your home.

So, how exactly do you measure for a storm door? Glass Doctor is here to help!

Step by Step Instructions for Measuring for a Storm Door 

  1. Review the Existing Storm Door
    By carefully looking at the door you want to replace, make notes as to where the hardware currently is and where you will need it to be on your new door. A few questions to ask yourself:
    • Where is the handle?
    • Where is the lock?
    • What way does the door swing?
    • Are there any additional obstructions to keep in mind?
  2. Measure Door Height & Width
    Measuring the height and width of the door with a tape measure will ensure you get the right size storm door. Simply take these numbers and call your local Glass Doctor for help to properly select the correct storm door size.
    • How to Measure Storm Door Height
      Measure the height of the storm door in three different places: the left side, middle and right side. Take all three measurements with you to the store, but make sure the storm door you purchase is no larger than the smallest measurement.
    • How to Measure Storm Door Width
      Take the following three measurements of the width of the opening that the storm door fits in to: the top, center and bottom of the door. Again, you will use the smallest measurement to select your door size.

Storm Door Selection

Once you have properly measured and prepared for a storm door, it’s now time to select the best one for your home. Finding the perfect combination of protection and security will add to the functionality of your home.

These are the three basic storm door options to choose from:

  • Full View Storm Door

This type of door features a full glass panel that allows you to have an unobstructed view outdoors. There is the ability to change the glass out for a screen if desired. The glass would then need to be stored in a safe place.

  • Ventilating Storm Door

A ventilating storm door features two glass panels and a screen panel, or sometimes two, in the door at the same time. The glass can then be moved up or down to reveal the screen panel, which helps quickly ventilate your home, unlike the lengthier process of fully removing and replacing the screen and glass in a full view storm door.

  • Retractable or Roll Screen Storm Door

The last type of storm door has a full glass view but can be pulled down at the top to reveal a screen. This screen is hidden and operates from a tensioned dowel housed at the top of the storm door. A retractable or roll screen door provides the benefits of both the full view storm door and ventilating storm door combined.

Let Glass Doctor Fix Your Storm Door Panes

At Glass Doctor, we don’t just repair and replace window panes and windshields­—we fix all your glass panes. If you’re hoping to install a storm door at your home but want to skip the hassle of a DIY project, contact your local Glass Doctor. Our technicians are standing by to help you select and install your new storm door. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 833-974-0209.

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