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What to Do If Your Car Window Won't Go Up

It’s a sunny afternoon and you’re cruising with the radio up and your arm resting out the window. You pull into the gas station for a cold drink, go to roll the window up and … nothing. It’s stuck. Turning the ignition, fiddling with the switch and berating it with a few choice words does little to alter the situation. So, what to do if the car window won’t go up?

Below, the experts at Glass Doctor® offer a few troubleshooting tricks that may help when a car window goes down but won’t go up.

My Car Window Won’t Go Up – What’s Wrong?

For the safety of your car interior and your personal contents inside, remedying a down-stuck window is something you’ll want to deal with promptly.

When a car window goes down but won’t go up, here are four common causes:

  1. Broken Window Motor
    A window motor that has gone kaput could be the cause. This can happen due to general wear or a faulty component. Unfortunately, window motors are most likely to fail while the window is down. If the window shudders or the motor groans when you press the switch, it’s possible that the window motor has an issue. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix and it will likely require professional attention to repair or replace the motor.
  2. Window Fallen Off Track
    A car window relies on rollers to slide the window up and down. If the window becomes misaligned from its track on its way down, the window may become stuck, down. It is sometimes possible to temporarily realign the window by applying pressure to the door. This is not a surefire fix and may cause more harm than good. We recommend seeking professional assistance to realign the window.
  3. Bad Wiring
    If pressing the window switch up or down generates nothing but silence, it’s likely that the problem is electrical. Electrical problems can occur at any time, and so, will sometimes occur or be discovered once the window is rolled down.
    Wiring that has become frayed, corroded or deteriorated could cause the window to cease to function altogether. This is more common in older vehicles and may be difficult to repair on your own because locating the damaged section of wiring within the vehicle or doorframe can be challenging.
  4. Blown Fuse or Short
    A blown fuse or short could also be the electrical defect causing the problem. Unlike a defective motor, misaligned track or damaged wiring, you may replace a blown fuse relatively easily, on your own.

How to Fix a Car Window That Won’t Go Up

A car window that won’t go up usually requires professional attention. In the interim, you may have to drive with the window open or with a well-secured cover (as long as it does not impede the safety of the vehicle). If you suspect the fuse is blown or has shorted out, you can try these two tactics to replace the fuse or repair the circuit.

  1. Blown Fuse
    Use the car manual to locate the fuse box. This is usually located within the dash of the car by the steering wheel, and there is another under the hood of the car. Once you locate the fuse box that corresponds to the power windows, if the fuse is blown, replace it with the same type of fuse.
  2. Electrical Short
    A poor or overloaded electrical connection could be causing the circuitry around the window motor to short. If this is the case, your problem might be fixed by sitting inside the vehicle, holding the window switch in the up position and slamming the door closed. The vibration of the slamming door may be enough to create a better electrical contact, allowing the window to be rolled up!

Don’t Be Frustrated by a Car Window That Goes Down but Won’t Go Up – Get It Fixed 

If your stuck window is not responding to DIY fixes, give the car window pros at Glass Doctor a call today at (833) 974-0209 or request an appointment online. You can schedule an in-shop visit or take advantage of our mobile service to have your faulty car window fixed right away!


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